The Laser Guided Computer Wheel Alignment System that we use can significantly lower your operating cost by providing the proper alignment, increase productivity therefore improving your trucks potential profit. Advanced features and functionality of our state-of-the-art alignment machine is key to our success and no one does it better than we do.

What Does an Alignment Entitle? 

Positioning the interrelated angles of a front suspension and rear axle for maximum tire life, lower rolling resistance and ease of steering. Ideally, when a truck is traveling in a straight line, all of the axles are parallel – and perpendicular to the vehicle centerline – and all of the tires are rolling in a straight line too. Alignment isn’t just for tractor steer and drive tires – it’s for trailer tandems too. Misaligned trailer axles will cause irregular wear on the trailer tires and the power unit tires.

Wheel Balancing

The Smart Balancer System is the latest advancement in on-the-wheel balancing systems from light duty through medium to heavy trucks and will provide optimal tire wear and vehicle handling. Save upto 30% on tire cost and up to 2% on fuel cost.

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